Technical Support Services & Plant Repair and Maintenance Services Track Record

No Type of Services Client Country
1 Overhaul services for Alstom 13E2 & 13DM machines Aluminum Bahrain Bahrain
2 O&M Technical audit for Azzour South OCGT 800 MW Alghanim International Kuwait
3 O&M Technical audit for Algeria Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Plant AAS Algeria
4 Technical audit services for Salalah Power Plant Dhofar Power Company Oman
5 Technical verification audit for a central electricity generating company (CEGCO) Energy Arabia Jordan
6 Technical due diligence for Salalah Power Plant Dhofar Power Company Oman
7 Technical due diligence for acquisition of Jordan’s Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO) Malakoff/JDC/CCC Jordan
8 Technical due diligence for Globeleq asset acquisition in Egypt and Asia Malakoff Malaysia
9 Assist RGPPL in the O&M of newly commissioned 6xGE9FA CCGT plants TechComm, Australia India
10 Development of system description, operating procedures, troubleshooting guides and OJT modules Petronas Malaysia