Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

With nearly 20 years of distinguished technical experience, TJSB offers effective scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for its clients, encompassing major overhauled services of thermal as well as gas turbines, major equipment and auxiliaries. Additionally, TJSB ensures that its technical experts are always available on hand to offer clientele support. We also provide complete field maintenance services in electrical, mechanical and water chemistry to all types of electro-mechanical rotating machines, static and power equipment. TJSB’s highly qualified and experienced personnel from various categories and respective fields as Project Lead Engineer, Principal Engineers, Support Engineers, Specialists and skilled craftsmen are backed from each extensive expertise. Both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services comprise of:

  1. i.

    Engineering Field Services

    With the latest portable equipment, measuring and testing instruments for annual servicing, maintenance, testing or trouble-shooting existing power transformers and motors, our field service engineers and specialists diagnosis and examination services undergo the following:

    1. a)

      Winding (IEC 60076-Part 1&3/ IEEE C62-1995/CIGRE)


        DC winding resistance test


        Turn ratio per tap


        Excitation current per tap


        Power/dissipation factors (tan-delta)

    2. b)

      Winding (IEC 60076-Part 3)


        Leakage reactance / short-circuit impedance test

    3. c)

      Tap Changer (IEC 60076 – Part 1)


        Dynamics load tap changer diagnostics

    4. d)

      Bushings (IEEE C62-1995/CIGRE)


        Power/dissipation factors (tan-delta)

    5. e)

      Surge Arrestor (IEC 60076 – Part 3)


        Leakage current / watt losses

    Our motor diagnosis & examination services include:

    1. a)

      Power / Dissipation Factor tip up test ( IEC 60894/IEEE 286)

    2. b)

      HV source for testing of rotating machine ( IEC 60894/IEEE 286)

  1. ii.

    Technical Advisory and Consultancy Services

    Apart from providing advisory and consulting services up to final solutions for thermal overheating, vibration, alignment amongst others, TJSB Engineer’s core competencies in Gas & Steam turbines type GT13E2 as well as GE9FA Generators, are restricted to rotating and static machines such as boiler or heat recovery steam generator (“HRSG”) and power transformers. However, we arrange residential engineering programs, whereby specialist personnel are stationed for on-site technical consultation and services for total electrical and mechanical equipment and system operations at your plant.

  1. iii.

    Plant Technical Audit

    Our proven development in module and techniques for comprehensive plant technical audit are periodically monitored as Engineering Risk Assessment (“ERA”) and Operation and Maintenance Assessment (“OMA”) for all vital machine and plant processes. After auditing, a detailed report comprising observations, assessments and recommendations of every machine or plant processes will be submitted to your company. Our experienced engineers will alert you to all unfavourable circumstances or risks of your machines to avoid unwarranted future mishaps.

  1. iv.

    Repair and Maintenance Services

    1. a)

      Major overhaul of thermal or gas turbines.

      With over 15 years of experience in handling both mechanical and electrical scope of works in our own major C-inspection for the Alstom GT13E2 Gas Turbine and generator, TJSB have gained recognition as an experienced and well-equipped technical service provider in this region. Our capabilities in performing a complete thermal or gas/steam turbine inspection ranges from minor to major overhauling.

    1. b)

      Plant's main equipment services and overhaul.

      Without being only limited to electro-mechanical rotating machines, TJSB’s service include a varied range of the plant’s main equipment, inclusive of static equipment inspection and overhauling of compressors, pumps and valves. Backed by the capability of our competent Steam Engineering Team to perform boiler/HRSG inspection, we provide a comprehensive and reliable report for observations, findings and recommendations.

  1. v.

    Supply of Operation and Maintenance Specialist

    1. Provide specialist for maintenance outages services of:-

      1. Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and Generator – GT13E2 and GE9FA.

      Supported by qualified and experienced Project Lead Engineers, Principal Engineers, Support Engineers, Specialist and skilled craftsman in each respective field, our team core competencies consist of Gas & Steam Turbines, GT 13E2 and GE9FA type Generator with the capabilities to perform any type of inspections as hot gas path assessments, boroscope inspections, and the handling of any outage management.

      2. Static equipment and power equipment – Boiler/HRSG and Transformer

      TJSB is capable of supplying you with O&M specialists, specialising in handling outage services for boilers and transformers. We have extensive experience in rotating equipment, as well as handling static and power equipment.