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Since its incorporation in 1993, Teknik Janakuasa Sdn. Bhd. (“TJSB”) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malakoff have become Malaysia’s leading Independent Power Producer (“IPP”), specialising in the provision of Operation & Maintenance (“O&M”) service for the power generation and water desalination sectors.

On its maiden year, its portfolio of contracts included Malaysia's largest Combined Cycle Gas Turbine ("CCGT") power plant, Segari Energy Ventures' Lumut Power Plant ("LPP"), a 1303 MW power plant that utilises the Alstom 13E2 Gas Turbines, which is recognised as the nation's most efficiently-run power plant. By 1999, TJSB was awarded a 5-year Operation Management Service's ("OMS") contract with Centralised Utility Facilities ("CUF"), owned by Petronas Gas Berhad ("PGB"). With two facilities located at Gebeng and Kerteh, it served two major regions of petrochemical plants. Being tasked in operating, maintaining and training PGB's personnel to take over the O&M at the end of the contract, it was successfully completed 5 years later in 2004.

2001 saw it following up with a 21 year O&M awarded contract for the GB3 Power Plant, located next to its existing LPP plant. The coming of 2004 saw TJSB adding another 350 MW CCGT into its O&M portfolio, through its acquisition of the remining 49% stake in Natural Analysis Sdn. Bhd., the O&M company for Prai Power Plant.

In 2006, TJSB was awarded a 25 years’ contract to operate and maintain Tanjung Bin’s massive 2100MW Coal Fired Power Plant, located in Mukim Serkat, Pontian, Johor. It was also the beginning of TJSB’s international foray, as it was awarded an O&M contract for the Shuaibah-Phase III Power & Water Plant, comprising 900MW of thermal power, and 880,000 m3/day desalination plant, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The year after in 2007 saw TJSB together with Hyflux Limited of Singapore being awarded an O&M contract for a 200,000 m3/day Sea Water Desalination Plant in Algeria.

2008 marked another year that TJSB was awarded a 5-year Operation & Management Services (“OMMS”) contract for the Kuwaiti owned Ministry of Electricity & Water (“MEW”) Az Zour Emergency Power Plant in Kuwait. This project deployed 16 TJSB’s personnel to undertake the O&M contract there, which currently has been renewed for another 4 years in 2013. Meanwhile, on the provision of outage services, TJSB have successfully completed a 12 months Manpower Supply contract for Aluminium Bahrain (“ALBA”) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, involving major overhaul works on the 13DM and 13E2 Alstom Gas Turbine machines.

The coming of 2013 saw all local O&M contracts with Malakoff assets being novated to Malakoff Power Berhad, a new subsidiary of MCB. TJSB however continues to provide total O&M and O&M related services for third party clients.




    To be a Premier Global Operations and Maintenance Service Provider in Power & Water Industries



    Aspire to become a Highly competent O&M of Power & Water Service Provider


    Deliver Client’s expectation without compromising on safety and quality


    Maintain High Quality and Standards of O&M Services


Within Malakoff group, 3 subsidiaries have been certified with International Certifications namely Lumut Power Plant, Prai Power Plant and Tanjung Bin Power Plant.